Just like you, I am interested in everything that relates to beauty and health. So much that I actually decided to furthermore explore and have made it the focus of my career. First with cosmetics, particularly skincare which became my area of expertise in France as well as abroad. Then my field extended to healthcare, because our lifestyle determines our state of mind and thus how beautiful we look.

I know, nobody is perfect. For some of us a glass of wine here and there, for others a cigarette or too much coffee. My problem is those sleepless nights, mulling over and over trying to find sleep, to no avail. And my biggest weaknest is anything sweet. Yes, I have a sweet tooth, I cannot resist, you can easily bribe me with good chocolate !

But, just like you, I do my best trying to find balance between pleasure and restrictions that can easily lead to frustration. And luckily, there are the little cheatings which allow us to trick nature and make life more pleasant by allowing us to feel more beautiful.

 Beijing, Tien An Men square

Tien An Men square

I do not know what your pet peeve is but mine is the dreaded pillow crease. It marks my cheek in the morning and takes forever to go away. With age, skin looses its elasticity and for a few years nobody has needed a cristal ball to know which side I sleep on ! So when I wake up in the morning and, on top of puffy eyes, I see a large mark on my cheek as well a deeper every day naso-labial fold (which goes from the side of the nostril to the corner of the lips) that has now become permanent and is much deeper on the side I sleep on, well, let’s say the day does not start well. .At least until I get caught up in my daily activities which just do not leave me with enough time to think and pity myself !

Until a Chinese friend told me that her secret was to sleep on a silk pillowcase. She thus preserved her smooth skin and shiny hair. Rather disbelieving, I just thought it was one of those exotic but unproven at best or even phony ideas. Those of you who do not have the beautiful golden skin of Indian women and have tried the turmeric face mask will understand me (for those who did not try but could be tempted, the effect is stunning on dark skins but lighter ones will turn orange).

When I heard silk pillowcases mentionned again, it was in the U.S.A. It seems many African-American, Caribbean or South-American women only swear by their silk pillowcase. It is the main ally of their thick but difficult to manage hair. And it seems that it makes the hairdresser sessions less frequent and hair styling in the morning easier than before they do for hair is less roughed up. That is when I decided to investigate it further. I started to check the forums and see what users had to say. Reactions were varied and interesting, each woman having something to say and finding a benefit in her silk pillowcase, either for skin or for hair. I then decided to check the publications and scientific reviews concerning silk, its qualities and benefits as well as to read biology and research articles on silk. I found out silk not only did not cause allergies but could even reduce them since it attracted neither dust mites nor fungus. Therefore it makes it the perfect textile for people with allergies. Watch out though ! There are little creatures who, just like us, love all things beautiful, expensive and natural : clothes moths ! But considering you will sleep on your pillowcase more often than it will be waiting in the closet for others to enjoy, you will probably not have this problem.

At he factory, an overview of what we are preparing for you....

At he factory, an overview of what we are preparing for you….

If you believe in signs, in chance, you’ll have, just like me, thought of a call of destiny. Everyone seemed to know this secret. Everyone but me ! So I decided to check for myself if everyone could really benefit and find something else than sheet pleasure in the softness of a silk pillowcase. Particularly since I have a soft chick down type of hair rather than a luscious mane, I cannot say I have a problem with unmanageable hair. I just bought a natural silk pillowcase at the price of gold and the miracle started. No more crease marks nor puffy eyes ! I was sleeping on silk barely for a few nights that I was starting to attract compliments on my rested and radiant looks. And yet, I was still suffering from those sleepless nights. And there I am, decided to spread the word and tell the world about silk pillowcases. Well, not quite the world, but almost.

After 20 months of research and work, I am more than happy to introduce our natural silk pillowcases, untreated and undyed and thus hypoallergenic. They are especially made for us according to very strict specifications. I explained in the website pages the many qualities of natural silk, what it can bring to your nights, not only in terms of luxury and comfort but also how it can contribute to make you more beautiful by keeping your skin soft and your hair silky smooth. Enough material for sweet dreams…

Before I get back to you in my next article, I brought you a couple of pictures from my trip to China, where I travelled to check on the making of our last order of silk pillowcases. It is not just any Chinese silk of cheap quality. China also traditionally produces a beautiful silk of a tight weave (our is 19 momme thick) which gives it its extra softness and its hypoallergenic qualities. So beautiful and of such exceptional qualities that it received the famous independant Swiss quality label oeko-tex standard-100. Chinese silk with a Swiss label, French quality and Paris luxury !

The factory in China

The factory in China


And the woman in the picture ? Yes, it’s me.

Sweet dreams,