Silk is a natural product. The silk thread is the cocoon of the Bombyx mori, a totally domesticated moth (night butterfly) which does not exist in the wild

China is the natural habitat where both the butterfly and its food, the white mulberry, thrive.

The cycle of the silkworm follows the cycle of the mulberry tree leaves.
The warm climate of the Shanghai area is the ideal climate to yield a few harvests of cocoons every year.

30 g (1 oz.) of eggs give birth to about 36000 silkworms that will eat one ton of mulberry leaves during their short lives.

Different types of butterfly produce silk but the Bombyx mori’s round section thread is the softest and shiniest.

When they reach their ideal weight, the silkworms arrive at the cocoon stage. They produce a thread which becomes silk as it hardens. They produce one or two kilometres (about one mile) of silk in 4 days.

This period is very delicate because they must be protected from all nuisance: draughts and even noise and smells. They must be kept at the right temperature and hygrometry or risk the quality of their thread being altered.

A thread which will be weaved is composed of 5 to 10 plies and 200 kg (440 lbs) cocoons yield about 40 g (1.4 oz.) of raw silk.

Silk thickness is measured in momme. Our pillowcases are in pure silk charmeuse of 19 momme (81.81 g/m2). We have chosen this luxurious quality which allows us to offer these beautiful pillowcases at an affordable price.

Silk is made of a protein, fibroin, constituted of 18 essential amino acids, just as your skin and your hair (of which the protein is keratin).

Our silk is 100% natural and guaranteed undyed and untreated chemically. Hence, it does not damage skin nor hair and will quickly prove to be your beauty as well as your health’s best friend.