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Sleep mask and pouch – pure silk – color night blue, black back


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Silkine now presents the ultimate in beauty and health : a pure silk sleep mask.
Silkine’s sleep mask, softly plump with its pure silk filling, will totally block street or daylight and lets you relax or sleep whether at home (nap, nightshift workers, light filtering in the room) or on a journey (hotel room, train, plane). Sleeping without any light allows melatonin levels to rise hence inducing sleep faster and provides a deeper sleep for a better rest.
With this luxurious silk sleep mask, Silkine guarantees all the benefits and softness of silk. A natural thermal regulator as well as being hypoallergenic, Silkine’s silk preserves the moisture level of your skin and increases the active ingredients of your skincare’s efficiency. Your face remains free of pillow marks and your make-up stays fresh while napping or travelling. It is perfect for reactive and delicate, sensitive skin.
We chose a dark color in order to totally block light and ensure the best sleep ever : Silkine’s night blue with its chic sheen.
Silkine’s sleep mask is presented to you in a beautiful silk pouch of the same quality and color. You can slip it in your pocket or your bag to protect the sleep mask or use it to carry a few jewels or other small items.


100% natural silk 19 momme on both sides for the mask
Filling : 100% silk
Elastic : 70% nylon, 30% spandex
A natural thermal regulator and hypoallergenic


Size : 21 x 9,5 cm (8.25 x 3.75″), the perfect size for all, neither to small nor too large
Wide ajustable elastic : fits all head sizes and shapes
Colour : Silkine night blue, reversible black back (silk), black elastic

Care and tips

Wash in warm water with a small quantity of detergent for silk or delicate fabrics or mild shampoo. Allow to soak and stir for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing, if possible with a dash of white vinegar. Squeeze out extra water then roll into a towel before allowing to air dry. Avoid sources of heat as well as dryer.

For more information, please visit our guide page.

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