Though it is strongly recommended not to leave a pillow in Baby’s bed, you can help Baby benefit from a Silkine natural silk pillowcase by laying it flat under Baby’s head, over the cotton sheet and tucking it in. If the mattress is no larger than 65 cm (26 in.) you can slip our square pillowcase over it. For a 75 cm (29 in.) large mattress the rectangular size is best.

Baby’s skin is delicate, hypersensitive, prone to rashes and very often allergic. With a natural silk Silkine pillowcase there is no risk of irritating Baby’s skin. Silkine’s silk is naturally hypoallergenic, untreated and undyed. Silkine is as soft and smooth as Baby’s skin and thanks to its thermal regulation qualities Baby’s head stays at the right temperature.

Silkine’s natural silk pillowcase does not require a fabric softener to remain soft, no chemical will thus be in contact with Baby’s silk. Moreover, not only is Silkine rather stain-resistant thanks to its very tight weaving, but it will also dry superfast.


As soft as the comforter or soft toy that they gave up not so long ago, our Silkine pillowcase is made of pure silk and will help them get a comfortable night while preserving their still tender skin and their quickly tangled hair (no more terrible detangling mornings!).

And for the hot summers and the little fevers, their natural silk pillowcase will stay fresher than cotton and stay dry through the night.


Our teens’ skin is going through a lot of changes. Often hyper-reactive, prone to redness and acne, it is nonetheless delicate and reacts at the slightest aggression.

Silkine’s softness preserves our teen’s skin. Our natural silk pillowcase prevents friction on the pillowcase and thus irritations. Acne and redness diminish.

And so sensitive to their look, they will appreciate that their hair stays soft and tame right out of bed.


Silkine is going to change your nights.

Constituted of a protein composed of 18 amino acids just like your skin and your hair (keratin) (see this page), Silkine, a natural silk pillowcase, will damage neither your skin nor your hair.

No more crease-marks and puffy eyes! No more bad hair days!

Silkine will radically change your nights. Our natural silk pillowcase, undyed and untreated, preserves your skin hydration level. Your serum and/or night cream really works. On your skin… not on your pillowcase.

Your hair will be thankful to Silkine which leaves it silky-smooth and shiny. Silkine’s silk is naturally antistatic. Your hairstyle lasts longer.

Thick or curly hair? Our natural silk pillowcase will not tug or pull. Your hair slides smoothly on it, will not dry out and your hairstyle will last longer.

Fine, or brittle hair? Split ends? Silkine helps avoid the tugging and rubbing that breaks, splits or wears your hair out. Your hair stays beautiful and healthy.

Hair extensions? You can trust our Silkine natural skin pillowcase. Silkine will not tug and damage them and thus will extend their life.

Choose Silkine for your skin and hair.


Men will be grateful for a Silkine pillowcase. You too feel conscious about your looks and hair.

Our natural silk pillowcase is made of pure natural silk. Your hair softly glides without tugging or pulling nor accumulating static electricity.

You wake up with smooth and shiny hair, as tame as the previous day. No rubbing means your hair does not break or become thinner thanks to Silkine. Silkine will help you slow down hair loss.

Moreover with Silkine, the unsightly pillow crease, which will no doubt become a real wrinkle, disappears. Silkine does not mark skin. It helps maintain its hydration level. Healthier looks and smooth, crease free skin guaranteed!

An added benefit is silk’s thermoregulation quality will help keep your head at the ideal temperature on hot night and in cold winters.

How can you not appreciate a restful night in a Silkine’s soft and fresh natural silk pillowcase?


With a Silkine natural silk pillowcase you will sleep deeper and more restfully.

Not only does Silkine preserve skin’s hydration level and optimizes the benefits of your serum/night cream, but it will also keep your hair beautiful and silky smooth.

White hair has a rougher texture and is much less tame. Silkine will help it keep its style longer: blow dry or curls. You can visit your hairdresser less often.

By saving hair from repeated tugging and breaking on your pillowcase, Silkine will slow down its thinning and loss. Moreover, natural silk does not carry static electricity.

During the sometimes critical year of menopause, waking up to a pillowcase soaked in sweat is a nightmare too many women are living. Silkine’s pillowcase is a natural thermal regulator and will bring you a bit of freshness, plus it dries very quickly.

You will be delighted by Silkine’s extra comfort.

People with allergies or under medical treatment

Do you know that natural, untreated undyed silk is naturally hypoallergenic? This is why Silkine is particularly recommended for people with allergies (eczema, asthma, respiratory allergies). Natural silk pillowcases are recommended by doctors and pharmacists around the world for every person who is following an aggressive treatment that can sensitize or weaken hair or skin.

Our pillowcases are made of pure natural silk and their colour is the one given by nature: the colour of the cocoon. This is why we only offer a choice of two colours: white and ivory. No dye or chemical treatment has been applied on your pillowcase.

Silkine is made exclusively for us by the best supplier we could find over a one year search. It has been given the independent ecological Swiss certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Confidence in Textiles). It is proof of the highest confidence and a guarantee that no harmful treatment was added to our pillowcases.

This is why Silkine is hypoallergenic and furthermore, natural silk attracts neither dust mites nor fungi. Its tight weaving limits penetration of dust, stains and dirt.

Its thermoregulation benefit guarantees you will fall asleep faster and have a restful sleep.

We guarantee Silkine’s best quality: both sides as well as the flap are entirely made of natural silk.

Silkine is the new secret of your peaceful nights and healthy sleep.

As a gift

Silkine is the most beautiful present you can give or give yourself.

Your best friend who is getting married…

Your newborn nephew or grandchild…

Your husband or your brother who worries about his hair…

Your grandmother’s birthday…

Your friend who is in the hospital…

There are a thousand and one reasons to please someone and show you care by giving them a luxurious present: a Silkine natural silk pillowcase.

Nested in its pretty night blue box, designed especially so you can send it through the post at the least expense, Silkine will always make someone happy.

We can send your gift directly to the address you request, without any indication of price. And if you want to include a note, please leave it in our contact form, we will print it and add it to your gift.