Between us…

Care and tips

You can machine wash your Silkine natural silk pillowcase, on the shortest cycle at a maximum of 30°C. But silk is not fond of prolonged baths and machine spins.

And please, remember that heat is silk’s worst enemy. Silk is made of a protein, just like your skin and your hair. Which also explains all its quality for your beauty and your hair. Heat withers and burns silk. So, no dryer please. As for ironing, it can be done but only inside out under a damp cloth, on the mildest heat or “silk” position dry (no steam) position.

Even better, please follow our tested and approved at home method.

In the morning fill up your sink with tepid water and add half a cap of a mild detergent, special detergent for silk or, if not available, mild shampoo (baby or frequent use). Dip in your silk pillowcase and stir a bit. Do not soak for more than 5 or 10 minutes. Press softly in your hands to wash, rub lightly if stained.
Then, empty the sink. First rinse your pillowcase under cold running water then finish with a cold water bath. Stir then empty the sink. Fold the pillowcase and press it in your hands to extract water. Do not wring.

Lay a towel flat or over the bathtub (make sure the colour of the towel is not going to run). Lay your pillowcase flat over the towel then roll the whole very tightly. Press so the towel absorbs as much water as possible. Unroll, your Silkine is wrung.

Silk dries very quickly: about 2 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity level in your room. Just leave it to dry, either flat on a drying rack over the bathtub, a drying line or eventually, over a hanger, far from a heating source. We strongly advise against line drying outside, not just because sun can discolour or yellow silk, but particularly for allergies.  Pollens can stick to textiles.

You will see your pillowcase will not need ironing. It will be as seductive and convincing as on the first day.

Your Silkine pillowcase is ready and waiting to offer you a sweet and peaceful night.